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Mini format UV LED Priner, It is ideal for custom gifts, cards, pens, personalized printing, golf ball printing, awards printing, industrial labels, small signage, phone cases, indoor decoration, etc...
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Small Format Direct to Substrate Printers Provider

small LED UV production printer
artisJet 5000UThe B2 small LED UV production printer
Industrial design, For Industrial production or medium business runners. The artisJet 5100U is ideal for signage, indoor decoration, awards printing, industrial labels print, braille signs, lenticular board print, PCB lgend print, phone cases, Cards, pens, etc.
mini UV LED printer
artisJet YoungBrand new A4 format mini UV LED printer
Run a smooth production without delays in start-up business development, home-based businesses, in-store printing and shopping mall booth setup, as well as online business: artisJet Young UV printer has the right size and printing area for your day to day performance customization.
Prov6 mini uv flatbed printer
ArtisJet ProV6The smart A5 mini direct to substrate printer
artisJet proV6 has a smaller size and its full body covers an area similar to A1 printing paper, suitable for the use of shop scenes, through on demand printing: cosmetics (lipsticks, makeup cases etc.), promotional products, VDP cards, smartphone creative accessories.

About Us

artisJet is the success of brotherJet for a full business solution line since 2005. For years artisJet invested in developing new core technologies.

We are a company that delivers digital direct substrates printer innovations, which empower people to create, personalize and inspire their own life-styles. We are also driving to provide the business solutions. It's a world where substrates direct flatbed printers, software, materials, and APPs all converge in comprehensive solutions, enabling you to start, expand, and build your business brand.

The success of artisJet mainly depends on providing consistent and reliable products which can integrate into complex workflows.

artisJet remains the source for reliable and innovative printing products. ArtisJet's team with its global network partners are dedicated to make valuable products and deliver best services.


aritsJet workstaion ink channel set and maintenance set artisJet Command System (ACS) intruduction